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    G100-12F4 LiFePO4 Smart Charger for 4Cells 12.8V Li-Fe Battery

    • Specification
    • Input: 100~240V
    • Output: 14.4V 5.0A
    • Charge Process: Pre-charge、CC、CV and cut-off(Four stages)
    • Charger Indicator: With 4 LEDs Battery Meter,20%~100%
    • Output Protections: OVP、OCP、OTP、Shorted、Reversed
    • Safety Approval: CE cTUVus CCC PSE
    • Size: 175 x 72 x 40mm/400g
    • Industry: Power Tools、Security system
    G100-12F4 LiFePO4 Smart Charger for 4Cells 12.8V Li-Fe Battery

    G100-12F414.4V 5.0A4S  Li-Fe  Battery Charger

    Item Specification Remark
    Rating input voltage   100~240Vac  50/60Hz  
    Input voltage range  90~264Vac   
    Rating input current  1.5Arms Input:100V    Output:Full load
    Max input power  100W Input:100V    Output:Full load
    No load output voltage DC14.4V  
    Output voltage range DC10.0~14.4V  
    Suit with battery type 4S  Li-Fe  battery  
    Charging current  5.0A ±10%  
    Charging voltage  DC14.4V ±0.2V  


    0.8±0.2A Voltage ≤10.4V Pre-charge
    Charge-end current ≤0.4A±0.1A  
    Timer -  
    Max output power 72W  
    Ripple voltage 144mV Full load
    Power LED Red Power on
    Charging LED All off No battery
    All on  Full charge
    All flash Error
    Flashing one by one Charging
    Shorted   Yes  
    Reversed Yes  
    Efficiency 83% Full load @220V
    Operate temperature  -10 ~ +40  
    Operate humidity < +90% Relative humidity
    Storage temperature  -40 ~ +70  
    Storage humidity 0 ~ +95% Relative humidity
    Cooling Natural  
    Vibration resistance 5MM/50HZ/600S Non-operating condition
    Impact resistance 1 meter drop test 3 times Non-operating condition
    Weight 400g  
    Size 170X70X41MM Casing only
    Connector Refer to order  
    Max. temperature rise < 40 on casing  
    Safety approval CE/cTUVus/CCC/PSE  
    MTBF 30000H  
    ESD 8.0KV  
    Hi-Pot Insulation i/p to o/p: 3000V (1 min)  
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