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    3PN3020MP Smart Battery Charger for 7.2V~12V Ni-MH Battery

    • Specification
    • Input: 100~240V
    • Output: 16V/0.9A&1.8A
    • Charge Process: CC(Bulk)、Trickle (Two stages)
    • Charger Indicator: Bi-color LED (Red: Charging; Green: Full charge)
    • Output Protections: OVP、OCP、Shorted,Reversed
    • Safety Approval: CE
    • Size: 117 x 61 x 36mm/240g
    • Industry: Remote control、Lighting industry
    3PN3020MP  Smart Battery Charger for 7.2V~12V Ni-MH Battery

    3PN3020MP0.9A&1.8A 6~10S Ni-MH/Ni-Cd Battery Charger

    Item Specification Remark
    Rating input voltage  100~240Vac  50/60Hz  
    Input voltage range  90~264Vac   
    Rating input current  0.6Arms Input:100V    Output:Full load
    Max input power  37W Input:100V    Output:Full load
    No load output voltage DC20V  
    Output voltage range DC7.0~20.0V  
    Suit with battery type 7.2~12.0V,1.2~14.0Ah  Ni-MH/Ni-Cd battery  
    Charging current  0.9A ±10% and 1.8A ±10% Selection of current by external switch
    Charging trickle 0.25A  
    Max Charging voltage  DC16.0V  
    Main charge end condition  -DV 5mV /cell (TYP) For NiCd, Vmax is 1.8V/cell 
    or Vmax1.6V/cell 
    or Timer out. 
    Timer 8hours (default) 1~10 hours defined when order
    Max output power 30W  
    Ripple voltage  160mV Full load
    Charging LED Red:Charging  
    Green:Full charge or idle   
    Shorted   Yes  
    Reversed Yes  
    Efficiency ≥79% Full load @220V
    Operate temperature -10~+40  
    Operate humidity < +90% Relative humidity
    Storage temperature -10~+70  
    Storage humidity 0 ~ +95% Relative humidity
    Cooling Natural  
    Vibration resistance 5MM/50HZ/600S Non-operating condition
    抗冲击 Impact resistance 1 meter drop test 3 times Non-operating condition
    Weight 240g  
    Size 117X61X36MM Casing only
    Connector Refer to order  
    Max. temperature rise < 40 on casing  
    Safety approval CE  
    MTBF 30000H  
    ESD 8.0KV  
    Hi-Pot Insulation i/p to o/p: 3000V (1 min)  
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