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    3600W Power Adapter

    3600W High Power Adapter

    • Input: AC 90~264V 50/60Hz 40.0A or 3-phase&4 lines 173-380V 20A
    • Output: DC 36~150V 3600W max
    • High convert efficiency: 96% @220V full load
    • High power factor: 95% @220V full load THD≤5%
    • Casing material and cooling method: Metal housing and fan cooling
    • Output voltage ripple: <1% rating output voltage
    • Multi-protections: OVP、OCP、OTP and Shorted
    • Safety approval: CB CE FCC
    • Size&weight: 320 x 270 x 165mm/10kg
    • Working/Storage Temperature: -10℃~ +40℃/-40℃~ +70℃
    • Application: Electronic and electrical equipment, electronic testing equipment,Poss machine,Mobile Lamp,Security system and so on
    3600W High Power Adapter

    Model  P/N list

              Model P/N        Rating Voltage     Rating Current               OCP
    G3600-360900 36.0V 90.0A 100.0A
    G3600-420800 42.0V 80.0A 100.0A
    G3600-480750 48.0V 75.0A 90.0A
    G3600-600600 60.0V 60.0A 80.0A
    G3600-750480 75.0V 48.0A 60.0A
    G3600-840400 84.0V 40.0A 50.0A
    G3600-960370 96.0V 37.0A 45.0A
    G3600-A10330 110.0V 33.0A 40.0A
    G3600-A20300 120.0V 30.0A 40.0A
    G3600-A50240 150.0V 24.0A 30.0A
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