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    Classification of power adapter

    Nowadays, instruments, machines and equipment are more reliable in their characteristics, their functions are constantly improved, and the level of automation technology in their application is getting higher and higher. This kind of electronic information technology and the rapid development of the use of power adapter are indispensable. The power adapter has been more and more widely used in electronic computers, communications, aerospace, home appliances and other aspects, and the types of power adapter are more and more. What is the classification of power adapter?

    1. Classification by deployment method



    ① PWM switching power supply adapter. The vibration frequency is consistent, and the size of the output working voltage is changed and adjusted according to the change of the total width of the single pulse. Sometimes, the feedback closed-loop control loop is formed according to the sampling circuit, coupling circuit, etc. to stably output the working voltage.
    ② Frequency regulated switching power adapter. The duty cycle shall be consistent, and the power of output working voltage shall be adjusted and stabilized according to changing the vibration frequency of the oscillator.
    ③ Mixed mode switching power supply adapter. Adjust and stably output the working voltage according to the vibration frequency of the on-off time.

    2. Classification by circuit construction
    ① One piece switching power adapter. All the adapter circuits of switching power supply are made up of absorbing and combining electronic devices. Its structure is complex and its credibility is weak.
    ② Integrated circuit switching power supply adapter. All switching power supply adapter circuits or a part of the circuits are composed of integrated circuits, which are generally thick film circuits. Some thick film integrated circuits contain power switch tubes, while others do not. The characteristics of this kind of adapter are simple circuit construction, convenient adjustment and high credibility.
    There are some other ways to classify the power adapter. I won't introduce them in detail here!

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